Mental Health Care for Women Entrepreneurs Program

Mental Health Care for Women Entrepreneurs Program

In December 2023, under the coordination of WeLead, independent consultants from WeLead collaborated with the Agency for Enterprise Development (AED) of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) to successfully organize four seminars: "Facing pressures: Control of Stress and Psychological Challenging"; "General Emotional Disorders - Recognition and Solutions"; "Family and Business: The Art of Balance"; and "Establishing a Mental Health Consulting Network for women entrepreneurs" as part of the "Women Entrepreneur Mental Health Care Program" within the framework of the regional project "Promoting Women Entrepreneurship - Creating a Gender-Responsive Business Ecosystem (CWE)" implemented by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), in partnership with the Government of Vietnam represented by the Agency for Enterprise Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment , and funded by the Government of Canada.

According to a study by the Canadian Psychological Association (2019), female entrepreneurs are facing numerous physical and mental health issues due to pressure, such as fatigue, weakness, sleep disorders, depression, emotional disturbances, muscle pain, burnout, etc. The study also identifies that the most harmful factor to the mental health of female entrepreneurs is financial pressure, accounting for 67%, while pressures related to time management, talent recruitment, and self-imposed demands constitute about 35%. Additionally, the study indicates that 39% of female entrepreneurs experience pressure related to time management.

These figures underscore the importance of mental health care, especially in the context of Vietnam, where women-owned enterprises account for 26.5% of the total number of businesses nationwide. This economic sector makes significant contributions to GDP growth, employment generation, and leads the trend towards sustainable business development. Female entrepreneurs need to proactively take care of their mental health. With knowledge about mental health, they can prevent and eliminate the causes of illness, mitigate psychological shocks, create a harmonious working environment in their enterprises, and support employees in building healthy relationships within the business and family.

The program has received strong support and high praise from female entrepreneurs. Participating in the talkshows, female entrepreneurs have recognized the crucial role of physical and mental health in steering their businesses steadily amidst the current challenges.

Other highlights from the program:

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