WeLead is a network of trailblazing women leaders who are driving change towards a more equal, professional, and sustainable future.

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Established on September 7th, 2022, our mission at WeLead is to uplift and empower female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses through transformative change, collaborative efforts, and creative solutions.

Twenty pioneering businesses selected by WeLead to participate in the "Change for the Better" program based on the following criteria:
  • Women-owned businesses in Vietnam;
  • Operating in all sectors of production and business;
  • Small to large scale;
  • Nationwide coverage;
  • Utilizing advanced technology and operating systematically;
  • Business leaders commit to participating in WeLead's "change for the better" initiative;
  • Willing to share successful lessons and inspire the community of female entrepreneurs and women-led businesses in Vietnam;
  • Priority selection given to businesses that meet the criteria and register early.

The pioneering business community will be expanded in the coming years with no limitations on the number of participants, as long as they meet WeLead's criteria.

Rethink. Rebuild. Collectively.

Connect. Collaborate. Globally.

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"I am thrilled to leverage my 40 years of experience to further unlock the power and potential impact of women entrepreneurs."

Nguyen Thi Tuyet Minh

Founder and President, WeLead

Vietnam Chair, Global Summit of Women

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