WeLead is dedicated to advancing the interests of women-owned enterprises in Vietnam. Our core focus areas include:

  1. Leading through communication: We aim to establish new channels of communication to share practical lessons, lead change, and strive for a more equal and sustainable future.
  2. Capacity building: We provide training programs, conferences, seminars, trade promotion, investment, and business networking to support women-led businesses in developing their capabilities. We also facilitate technology transfer, brand building, and protection, helping female entrepreneurs unleash their full potential.
  3. International integration: We support pioneering enterprises (PEs) in international integration by connecting them with the ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network (AWEN) and the Global Summit of Women (GSW) to share international business knowledge and skills.
  4. Annual Summit of Women Entrepreneurs: We organize an annual summit for women entrepreneurs to network, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from successful business leaders.
  5. Enhancing Mental and Physical Well-being for Women Entrepreneurs: We conduct workshops, training courses, and counseling to raise awareness of the importance of mental and physical health for women entrepreneurs in navigating challenges and achieving sustainable development and work-life balance.