WeLead Hosts Vietnam - China Business Networking Event in Hanoi

WeLead Hosts Vietnam - China Business Networking Event in Hanoi

On May 31, 2024, the Network of trailblazing Women Leaders WELEAD (WeLead) organized a business networking event between Vietnamese and Chinese enterprises in Hanoi, following a request from the China RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee (RICC).

In conjunction with the trade promotion delegation from the China RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee's visit to Hanoi, WeLead partnered with RICC to host a business networking event attended by over 100 enterprises. The event focused on sectors such as traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, electronics, and technology—areas where the participating businesses excel.

During the event, Mdm. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Minh, Founder and Chairwoman of WeLead, emphasized, "With advantages in geographic location, transportation infrastructure, complementary market demands, cultural similarities, and supportive government policies from both countries, business and investment cooperation between enterprises of our two nations is greatly facilitated." She also encouraged the businesses, stating, "Today's networking event is an opportunity for enterprises to exchange information, build relationships, and leverage the benefits of trade agreements, transforming these opportunities into tangible business and investment collaborations based on sustainable and mutually beneficial development."

Mr. Xu Ning Ning, Chairman of the China RCEP Industry Cooperation Committee, presented several proposals to further enhance economic and trade cooperation between the two sides. "First, we must earnestly implement the economic cooperation consensus reached by the leaders and governments of our two countries. Second, we should maximize the role of trade and investment promotion organizations, including WeLead, in facilitating cooperation. These organizations should actively connect enterprises for comprehensive industry collaboration. Third, enterprises need to elevate their international trade and investment cooperation capabilities, including leveraging the advantages of bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements. Fourth, we must utilize the role of local governments in promoting economic and trade cooperation between our two nations."

Although the business networking event lasted just over two hours, the warm reception and cordial interactions between the enterprises of the two countries left a lasting impression, promising future business cooperation opportunities between Vietnamese and Chinese enterprises. 

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